Dmitry Novitsky & Glafira Severianova (RU)

Photo: Dmitry Novitsky & Glafira Severianova

Survival Instructions

When travelling by plane, all passengers are asked to read through an on-board instruction about how to behave in case of emergency. With this in mind, Glafira Severianova and Dmitry Novitsky developed Survival Instructions for people crossing the Norwegian-Russian border.

The project touches into faded clichés, frustrations of not understanding, awkward situations arising when moving in unfamiliar cultural waters and pieces of advice for lost souls. Having gathered multiple case studies, the artists suggest their own vision of cross-border survival, which also opens up for broader reflections about gender roles, history of religion, and collective memory. Are we really so different?  

Glafira Severianova and Dmitry Novitsky are an artist duo from Murmansk. Humour and witticisms are central in their life and works, as well as in their project for Barents Spektakel 2015.