Marja Helander (FI)

Video still: Marja Helander

New Works

Marja Helander’s New Works reflects on the minority aspect and the identification of Sami people in the High North. The Northern landscape plays a central character in Helander’s artistic universe; the contrast between light and dark, the enchanting silence. Helander questions industrial growth in the North, how do we to relate to this and where do people fit in?

Helander lives and works in Helsinki. Originally trained as a painter at the Lahti Institute of Fine Arts from 1988 to 1992, Helander pursued her interest in photography and graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1999. In 1994 she was one of the ten finalists of the Fotofinlandia competition. Since then she has presented works in solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, such as Umeå 2014, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 2013, Northern Photographic Center, Uleåborg, 2012, and Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, 2010.