Frantisek Zvardon (FR)

Photo: Francois Zvardon

Iron Heroes

Dirt, noise and smelliness are glued on photographic paper when Hasselblad-prize winner Frantisek Zvardon portrays workers of the iron industry. Workers from both sides of the border become new heroes of our time, casted not in concrete, but in images. Iron Heroes has led the photographer, Frantisek Zvardon, to Kirkenes and Nikel.

Born in the Czech Republic, Frantisek Zvardon has been based in Strasbourg for over 30 years. He became a full-time photographer after graduating from the School of Photography and Philosophy of Brno and Prague, and has worked with magazines and publishers all over the world.

An inveterate traveller, he has been awarded several international prizes, including the Unesco FIAP prize: A Better Way to Live, in Vancouver in 1976, the Agfa-Gevaert prize in Leverkusen and the Nikon Photo Contest international in 1983, the Olympus prize in Tokyo in 1990 and the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) prize in New York in 1996.

His photographs have featured in over 30 publications including the 19 volume of Bible 2000.